Different experience, the same challenges!

About Us

The Telebet is a joint venture in between Huang Group and the Cambodia famous Casino with the well-known baccarat in Southeast Asia which provides multilingual interaction feature, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, Thai and others major languages. 24-hour live streaming of card dealing process is furnished. 9 Telebet tables, all tools and appliances, dealers, and the dealer management team are provided by the Casino, and operating in full compliance with regulatory rules implemented by the Government of Cambodia.


Advantages of Telebet

The true Casino experience in remote distance!

In terms of visual, auditory, sensory and other aspects, Telebet is giving player an ultimate experience. He just stays at home and relaxes, watches the Casino live stream, then communicates with the on-site operator and instructs the operator to manage his hands. By watching the games real-time video, games information, and telephone communication with on-site operator, player is easy to grasp the real table situation and make decision, just as true as sitting in the Casino. Player is experience the real scene of Casino in general; the battle cry of the operator is a truly motivated towards the player.


Privacy Protection Reliable System

Player is able to manage his hands and comprehend the live situation of the Casino in no time by watching the games real-time video, games information, and telephone communication with on-site operator. All telephone conversation is recorded and stored in a safe and secure environment.

Telebet Procedure

After member registration, player could login and start game instantly.

Player could select the preferred game table.

In game lobby, player could enter the amount of rolling chips as well as phone number and check personal upper limit.

Telebet Operator then call the player when rolling chips are ready.

Player could ask the operator to play the game on his behalf.

Operator will assist player to check out at cage and log out.

Card Peek– Coming

Dealer does not reveal the dealing hands; player shall view his hand via the card peek camera while the on-site operator peeking the card, and show the hand upon card peeked.

Supporting Apps

Our Telebet service is Android and IOS compatible. Player may access to the games via desktop, notepad or smartphone.